Is the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) worth it?

Is the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) worth it?

I got this question from a client. Here’s my response:

Regarding value: yes, it would be worth it, my opinion. It helps us know if you are secure, dismissing, preoccupied, or disorganized. There are guide lines/best practices to follow in the IPF depending on each type of insecure attachment. So that is a direct way we make the AAI score useful.

It would also lay out particular unresolved traumas and losses that we’d later focus on fixing. It also helps us see what was lacking in your childhood so that we can give you the ‘positive opposite’ of those deficiencies in the IPF.
In a nut shell it helps us identify and then address major issues, directly, eliminating some of the guess-work that can slow down the work.

Also, I think it’s helpful for motivation. You can take the AAI at the beginning and at the end of treatment. So likely you’ll start out with an insecure score (dismissing, preoccupied, or disorganized ) going in to IPF. Then you have the goal of having a secure score when you are at the end of the treatment. It’s been really helpful for me to know that I have a particular outcome that I am aiming for and that is measurable.

Let me add that it is often pretty upsetting to get back the results especially if the results are Dismissing or Disorganized. So just brace yourself for that.

Yeah I am happy to give you the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). I am done with my training but not done with being verified as a reliable coder. So, your results would be unofficial. Please be sure to understand that.

I’d charge you $750. That would cover the actual interview (60-90 mins), it’s coding and analysis, and a 20 to 30 min session where I’d explain and discuss your results.

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