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Metacognitive stack based on the work of DiMaggio, Semerari, Liotti, and others

Interest & curiosity Identification Differentiation Ah this is just a thought! Relating Variables: seeing simple cause and effect Integration: ability to construct a narrative. Use the pro-symptom position Decentration: Step back and remember that it’s not necessarily personal or about you Mastery: Getting things done and staying emotionally regulated: Compassion Equanimity Pro-symptom position Interest & curiosity Seeking help from others Perspective taking

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Mentalization and Metacognitive Skills

Mentalization and Metacognitive Skills
Photo: Kamil Szumotalski

Do you want to improve your ability to regulate your emotions so you aren’t blown around by the changing winds of mood? You can start by memorizing the following six metacognitve skills.   Identification is the ability to recognize what is happening in one’s inner experience, and greatly overlaps with mindfulness. Someone with weak identification skills will have trouble knowing what emotions they’re feeling and is more likely to be overwhelmed by them as a result. On the other hand, recognizing when we’re experiencing sadness or anger can help us…

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