Schema Mode Diagrams of the Coping Styles

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  • Post published:December 29, 2022
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This is Jessica O’Garr’s Schema Mode Process Diagram.  It’s a visual for helping to understand schema therapy as a whole and the coping modes particularly.  I modified it a bit.

Below is a similar Schema Mode Model which Amir Askari and I collaborated on.  The primary addition to this graphic is Askari’s three new coping styles and subordinate coping modes. Amir introduces these new coping styles in his 2021 book: New Concepts of Schema Therapy: (The 6 Coping Styles).

If you are interested in working through your modes consider trying one of these free “Mentalizing the Modes Meditations”.

If you are interested in a whole course on working through your modes and the schemas the underlie them consider this course: Understanding and Healing our Parts: an experiential guided meditation course for healing the modes and their underlying root schemas. 

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  1. Noe

    Awesome diagrams!! I didn’t know the Preocuppied Fawner Mode, can you give me an example of it?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cedric Reeves

      Yeah, I made up the mode, it’s the mode of fawning in a really ‘busy’ way over the mental states of the other.

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