Essentials of Meditation for Schema Therapy

This course is an introduction to the core concepts of Schema Therapy and the meditation techniques you can use to break schema-informed life patterns. Schema Therapy has an inherent attachment focus, which we emphasise strongly.

You will be guided in using imagined “perfect nurturers” to connect with and investigate unmet needs from childhood. The goal of Schema Therapy is to cultivate the Healthy Adult Mode so that we live more from a place of awareness and security.

This is a very good accompaniment to working with a therapist or in-group.

This program is for you if:

  • you want to understand or break patterns in your life
  • you have tried other healing modalities with disappointing results
  • past traumas are holding you back
  • you want to improve your ability to emotionally regulate and stay centred under stress

Includes 13 Guided Meditations extracted as mp3s, 3h 40m total