• Date: Saturday, 6th May 2023
  • Instructor: Cedric Reeves
  • Cost: Sliding scale
    $120 ~ $20

Join us for this workshop where in a series of guided visualization meditations we will deeply and experientially ingrain secure attachment and then learn to give it to our children.

The intended outcome is a deeper sense of internal attachment security and a more intuitive ability to naturally nurture your child consistent with the primary factors that bring about secure attachment.

This program is for people who either have children or are planning to have children and want to ensure the best attachment conditioning for their children.

Who is this for?

  • for people who want the best for their children in terms of atttachment.
  • Suitable for anyone new to attachment-work, or is already experienced.
  • People with Insecure Attachment.
  • For anyone who is willing to do the work to get results

Event Date & Time

6th May 2023

workshop Schedule

There will be 3 sessions of 60 minutes each, for 5 hours total.

Each session is like this:

Duration Activity
10 mins Lecture
40 mins Guided Meditation
5 mins Q&A

We will be doing deep work. For that reason please feel free to take a break at any point.

workshop Overview

This program is suitable for beginners to meditation and healing work.

In this Conscious Parenting course we will do guided visualization meditations to deeply and experientially ingrain secure attachment in ourselves and then learn to give our children the ‘factors that lead to secure attachment’.

List of meditations:

  1. Perfect Nurturer Meditation (so we experience and ingrain secure attachment)
  2. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation to help bring about secure attachment in the child.
  3. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on attunement and comforting when the child is upset
  4. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on expressing delight to help the child imprint health self esteem
  5. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on supporting the child’s exploration and play
  6. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on unconditionally love and reliability even when the child is upset, or ashamed.
  7. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on entrainment and synchronization of mental and physical states with the child to imbue a deep sense of connection and belonging
  8. Embodying Secure Attachment Meditation with emphasis on guiding the child through their ‘proximal zone of development’ (helping with problem solving)

This course draws from:

  1. Attachment Theory
  2. Dan Brown and David Elliott’s Ideal Parent Figure Protocol for healing adult attachment disturbances.
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Visualization Meditation
  5. Compassion Meditation
  6. Mentalization Based Treatment
  7. Vygotsky’s model of “zone of proximal development”

This Course uses an Evidence Based modality

The techniques and methods in this course are very similar to those used in the Attachment Theory & Repair 2022 Course, in which participants' perceived security and felt safeness improved by 33% and 61% respectively, and their feelings of anxiety and depression lessened.

Read the Study

Miscellaneous Notes

There will be time for Q&A and spot coaching.

We will be doing deep work. For that reason please feel free to take a break at any point.

Who is this for?

This program is for those of us who...

  • people who want to give their child(ren) the very best attachment conditioning to ensure positive results.

Healing Together

Shared interest and social support can make meditation practice, study, and healing much easier.

Make friends in the course on the slack channel and invite friends who you think could benefit to participate in the course.


These are some of the benefits you will have by the end of the program

Theoretical Understanding

  • better understanding of attachment theory and how to provide it to a child.
  • what is and is not conducive to secure attachment in children

For your relationships

  • greater ease with self, other adults, and your child(ren)
  • greater valuing of attachment

Frequently Asked Questions

About Participation

Once you sign up, an email will be sent out to you with a Zoom link. It will allow you to access the live classes. A free Zoom account is necessary, and Zoom needs to be installed on your computer before the event starts.
No, this course is open to anyone, regardless of your familiarity with attachment theory or prior meditation experience.
Yes, and in fact we highly encouraged you to do both.

Payment Questions

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply contact us and we will send you a full refund.
If you are experiencing troubles with your payment, simply contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
There are other payment methods listed on our donations page. Otherwise contact us for other options. If you lack any ability to make online payments, let us know and we can sign you up for free.

Technical Questions

The recordings will be available for two more months after the course ends.
The recordings will be made available as video and also as audio-only.

If you are experiencing any technical issues relating to accessing the material or live sessions, please get in touch with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can be reached with our online contact form.


This is what participants of prior workshops have to say:


Thank you for continuing to make these classes. When I am able to attend, they make a really positive contribution to my mental health :)

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Please note: This program is offered for educational purposes only and is not group-therapy, counselling or any kind of other psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for the aforementioned. The instructor Cedric Reeves is a meditation teacher, not a psychotherapist, counsellor, or otherwise therapist.