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What to Expect

Leading a full and happy life partially depends on your access to states of love (friendliness, compassion, joy, and unconditional love)

The goal of this course is to

  • systematically develop these states in daily formal meditation practice (this is traditional in Buddhist meditation training)
  • add on visualization practices to the end of each formal meditation practice where you rehearse acting out these sublime emotions with others
  • integrate these states into your daily life by acting them out.  That is to act from a place of friendliness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity with others in your daily life.


What does secure attachment come down to? In a word, “LOVE”: the ability to be with another in a state of love.

This course is a systematic training and cultivation of the states of love drawing from the ancient Buddhist meditation practices of the sublime emotions.

The Brahma Viharas are a set of four divine states or "heavenly abodes" in Buddhism. These states are considered to be the highest expressions of human qualities and are often practiced as part of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices. The Brahma Viharas are believed to lead to greater well-being, happiness, and spiritual development for both the practitioner and those around them.

People with secure attachment are at ease with expressing and receiving love.

People with dismissing-avoidant attachment are not at ease with giving or receiving love.  They are cut off from love. This is likely because they associate rejection with their attempts to connect, an artifact of childhood deprivation.

People with anxious-preoccupied attachment anxiously fixate on love and often expect that it will be taken away (abandonment fear).  This is due to care, attention, and love having been so unreliable and intermittent in their childhoods.

People with disorganized (fearful) attachment (early developmental trauma) associate love with fear and abuse due to abuse in early childhood.

So, the implication is that people with insecure attachment are, likely, cut off from accessing states of love in an uncomplicated, ‘clean’ way.

To address this directly, in this course we will systematically train ourselves in these states of love such that they are more and more accessible.  This naturally moves us in the direction of earned secure attachment. I believe this is especially true when we:

  1. have deep, absorbed experiences of the states of love in concentrated meditation, and
  2. visualize/rehearse manifesting love in our daily lives while still absorbed in deep meditation, and
  3. intentionally enter into these states of love in daily life, practicing them repeatedly.

These three practices are the entire focus of this course.

An important counterbalance to developing love is strength (boundary setting, assertiveness, protection, and even the appropriate expression of protective anger).

Love can only be fully expressed when held in an envelope of assertiveness and the capacity to protect. We will discuss and develop assertiveness along side cultivating love such to produce a balanced development of the two.

Who is this For

This program is for those of us who...

  • Want to become more joyous
  • Want to enjoy meditation more
  • Are looking to improve our psychological health, especially those who have tried other healing modalities with disappointing results.
  • Have problems with exploration and self development, relationships and emotional regulation
  • Want to optimise our psychological health
  • Want to understand the early foundations of our psychological development

Benefits & Outcomes

These are some of the benefits you will have by the end of the program

Theoretical Understanding

  • Understanding and compassion for your own psychological difficulties and how to improve many of them through systematic mind training (meditation).
  • Where insecure attachment comes from
  • How to treat insecure attachment by practicing the sublime emotions in formal seated meditation and also in informal daily life practice


  • Better able to do emotional regulation on the spot in your daily life with ‘micro-hits’ of meditation.
  • Less blame of self or others.
  • More understanding and compassion towards your parts/modes and needs.

For your relationships

  • Better appreciation for the importance and value of interpersonal collaboration

Included Files:


Loving Kindness

1h 19m

1.1 Motivation


1.2 Motivation


1.3 Loving Kindness


1.4 Loving Kindness



2h 43m

2.1 Metta


2.2 Metta


2.3 Contemplation of Suffering


2.4 Contemplation of Suffering


2.5 Contemplation of Suffering


2.6 Contemplation of Suffering


2.7 Compassion


2.8 Compassion


Compassion Continued

1h 26m

3.1 Compassion


3.2 Compassion


3.3 Bodhicitta


3.4 Bodhicitta


3.5 Tong Len


3.6 Tong Len


Sympathetic Joy

1h 17m

4.1 Tong Len

4.2 Tong Len

4.3 In-Body Mudita


4.4 Traditional Mudita


4.5 PNR On Delight, Peer To Peer, And Self-Esteem


4.6 Mudita Paramitas


4.7 Mudita


4.8 Perfect Nurturer Reinforcement


Unconditional Peace

1h 15m

5.1 Combo Mudita


5.2 Equanimity Around Our Well Wishing


5.3 Equanimity Meditation on Karuna and Cause-and-Effect


5.4 Unconditional Peace


5.5 Unbounded Love


5.6 Equanimity Applied to Daily Life

  • 5 video lectures, 7 hours total
  • 32 guided meditations extracted as .mp3s, 6 hours total

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