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Dangers that have a known cause are much easier to manage and integrate. However, childhood experiences of unpredictable dangers and threats can have a disproportional and distorting effect on us as adults.  The usual impact of unpredictable danger is to always be on alert.  This unrelenting anxiety hugely damages the quality of our lives and our functioning in relationship.

Childhood experience of unpredictable danger is one of the primary causal factors of anxious preoccupied attachment and disorganized attachment (mixed anxious preoccupied and dismissing avoidant attachment) (Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation by Patricia Crittenden and colleagues).

In this course we will see how chronic anxious attention to threat was a natural and helpful adaptation to unpredictable danger, in childhood.  We will learn to be compassionate towards our anxiety, understanding its origins. Then we’ll move on to process, integrate and heal it; freeing ourselves from this pattern in adulthood.

In this half day meditation workshop, we’ll do this work in a series of guided meditations.

This course draws from:

  • Ideal Parent Figure Protocol (Dan Brown et al.)
  • Schema Therapy (Jeff Young et al.)
  • Coherence Therapy (Bruce Ecker et al.)
  • Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation (Patricia Crittenden et al.)

Please note that this workshop is focused on experiential guided meditation plus some basic psycho education on attachment theory and the process of healing insecure attachment.

This workshop is not psychotherapy or a substitute for it.



Who is this For

This program is for those of us who...

  • have feel ambivalent about connecting
  • people who have anxious preoccupied or disorganized/fearful attachment
  • people with anxiety disorders

Benefits & Outcomes

These are some of the benefits you will have by the end of the program

Theoretical Understanding

Better understanding of how childhood experiences of ‘danger and threat of unknown cause’ can still affect our adult lives.

More compassion towards and understanding of the origins of anxiety,  anxious preoccupied attachment, and disorganized attachment (mixed anxious preoccupied and dismissing avoidant attachment).


  • Working through chronic anxiety and confusion about the source of the anxiety.

Included Files:


Introduction to Attachment Theory

Introduction to Attachment Theory

47 mins

Perfect Nurturer Reinforcement

11 mins

Investigating Anxiety

Investigating Anxiety

36 mins

Interviewing the Anxiety and Relating It Back to Childhood

15 mins

Polarized Parts Around Anxiety

12 mins

Healing Anxiety and Fear

Healing Anxiety and Fear

43 mins

Healing Anxiety and Fear Without Cause

42 mins

Healing Anxiety and Fear Continued

Healing Anxiety and Fear Continued

37 mins

Healing Anxiety and Fear Without Cause

37 mins
  • 4 video lectures, 3 hours total
  • 5 guided meditations extracted as .mp3s, 1 hours total

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