Every week we meet for an hour over Zoom to discuss various books related to attachment theory. These are open for anyone to join, and are a great way to start learning about attachment theory and meet people who are also interested in this work.

Fridays at 9:00 am ET

In the rare case of cancelling one of the sessions, we will send a notification by email. Sign up to receive those notifications:


Currently reading

17th Coherence Therapy Practice Manual: Coherence Therapy for Low Self-Worth; Use of Client-Therapist Relationship in Coherence Therapy; The Coherence Therapy Process Pattern; List of Techniques
24th Coherence Therapy Practice Manual: Training Guide for the Coherence Therapy Learning Curve
1st Coherence Therapy Practice Manual: Coherence Therapy with Couples and Families; What Limits the Rate of Change in Coherence Therapy?; Corroborating Research