Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should i start to heal my attachment conditioning?
    Best to start with our 8 week course, which will teach you everything you need to know about attachment theory, and how to meditate using the Ideal Parent Figure protocol. this protocol was designed by Dan P. Brown and is the fastest and most effective way to reprogram your attachment conditioning from insecure to secure
  • What are the credentials of the teacher?
    Cedric has studied under Dan P. Brown and George Haas as well being a certified grader in the AAI.
  • How does this compare to other healing modalities?
    Very few forms of therapy or meditation will have an influence on your early attachment conditioning. the IPF was specifically designed by attachment-experts to access this layer of the mind and work with it. the attachment style is formed in the first 18 months of age, and as such it is pre-verbal and pre-conceptual and so most forms of talk therapy won’t affect it. non-verbal methods such as meditation or somatic practices don’t deal with the “five factors” or with the correct types of imagery to access the internal working models of attachment, so although they can be helpful in processing trauma, they won’t re-wire the attachment style.
  • Should i get individual therapy, or is it enough to practice IPF on my own?
    Optimal progress happens if you have someone to facilitate you once a week with the IPF, however one of the most useful aspects of the IPF is that it is a method that can be done by yourself without a facilitator. Group sessions can be a useful complement to individual IPF facilitation or solo IPF practice.
  • How long does treatment take?
    Within two years of consistent practice, someone can move from the worst style of disorganized attachment to what is called “prototypically secure attachment”. Then it would take approximately one more year to clean up any rough edges and remaining neurosis (such as the Schemas).
    This is then the perfect foundation on which to start doing advanced personal development practices and actually be able to get the most out of them.
  • How can i know what my attachment style is?
    There are a number of online tests that can give you a rough sense for it. As you learn more about attachment theory and start practicing with the IPF, you will begin to understand how your own particular attachment conditioning works, which will be a better indicator. The most reliable way to know for sure is to take the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).
    We have a summary of various tests you can take on our Assessment page.