Testimonials from our Online-Events


I'm noticing that I smile more at strangers, sometimes say something friendly.


I am enjoying the Healing Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment course so much! It's blowing my mind, and that's after decades of amazing therapy, EMDR, attachment couples therapy, neurofeedback, inner child nurturing, self-compassion, and many other profound growth experiences. I’m so delighted by how much I'm getting out of the course. Feels like it's a missing piece for me that is so healing. Thank you !


Cedric I would just like to say thanks for your wisdom and knowledge of attachment issues and repair. The work you are doing really helps me and I have never come across anything as transformative for me as your meditations. Thank you so much.

Anastasia Chebotaryova

I want to say thank you for giving this opportunity and I recommend this course because of the huge impact it is making on my well-being. It is easier to self-regulate emotionally and I have a deeper understanding of attachment and compassion and it’s place and impact in life.


I’m sure this will seem out of the blue to you, but I was just thinking of things I am thankful for and thought of you and the two Attachment Repair courses of yours I had the pleasure to participate in. I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you. I want you to know I really appreciated the kindness and effort you put into that work, and into responding to all of our questions. My exposure to your teaching has been immensely helpful for me.


I gained an ability to self soothe, meet my needs for validation and feeling seen/heard (which were often unmet in childhood), an overall feeling like I am less alone in my work of healing my attachment. I realize I benefit greatly from an 8 week course with a weekly meeting, I am able to do daily meditations on my own and feel supported in this routine with the weekly meetings. I feel I am actively and consistently working on my attachment repair by being part of a longer course (as opposed to a weekend workshop).


Cedric is an amazing meditation teacher, and this course really changed a lot for me. I really liked his authentic, refreshing approach and the way he combines scientific research with A LOT of practical exercises to reprogram the mind. Over the time of the course, I could literally watch my self esteem and my motivation to get things done grow. The course really motivated me to get going with my business and get things done, because I started to believe that I can actually do it.


Thank you for this beautiful retreat. Feels like this is what I needed in the moment.


I have to say that this class has been life changing for me. When I started, I was on the verge of breaking up with my boyfriend. I hadn't been in a relationship in five years and had forgotten how awful I feel (and act) when in love. Over the past three weeks there's been a noticeable change not just in how I feel (less frequency of being triggered, less intense feelings when I am triggered, no longer saying things I later regret, way less ruminating...) but also my productivity and confidence at work have improved. My bf has brought up a few times times how much better I seem. I have even decreased the SSRI I take a month ago because I realized my anxiety was just attachment related... and I feel fine. For someone who has read most every self-help book, studied psychology, and did CODA for years with a sponsor (and I used to be a therapist myself!), this is the best thing I have ever experienced. I haven't done the meditations every day (at least 3-4 times a week, though) and I know the results will continue to improve the more I do this.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for running the course, and all the hard work you put into it. I got exactly what I wanted out of it, which was more motivation to practice and companionship on my journey. The pods are a fantastic idea by the way. I'm staying in touch with my pod partner for a fortnightly meeting.


THANK YOU!! this is powerful for me, so thank you thank you for sharing your insight. I like how you really balance the “just do the work” attitude with sooo much compassion and empathy for how hard it is. Now I know how to use the immense power of my imagination to heal my most fundamental body-mind-soul mechanisms and have a more joyful, loving life.


I’m very happy about the Embodying Secure Attachment Course. It’s good to have a course for people who are well on the way of healing their wounds. Comes at the perfect time for me.


Loved the course and loved this kind of emotional work. Look forward to doing more that you offer. Content was excellent. Meditation around Schema modes went quite deep and uncovered difficult emotions. Doing micro hits has improved some situations that would have gone worse.


Great retreat, thank you so much Cedric. There is something special about Tonglen and using it with the schemas feels so healing. I feel hopeful and inspired to keep working with Tonglen.


Thank you for continuing to make these classes. When I am able to attend, they make a really positive contribution to my mental health :)


I always knew that I needed to take my focus off my partner, but nothing ever worked. Distracting myself would not really do the trick, because the mind was still occupied with the relationship. With time and practice I finally managed to enjoy the company of my partner without focusing on him, and it actually opened up a whole new world for me, because it freed so much time and resources to do something else. I started painting in his presence, singing and dancing, and slowly but steadily I could feel what I always knew I should feel, but never was able to: That he is really just the cherry on the cake, not the cake.


I love your offerings. Keep them coming. You have a good capacity to make people feel seen – and also show great respect for us as individuals – in itself that is an healing factor in being in courses of yours! Your humbleness and humour – make every call a killer. Rock on. I like learning about these subjects! Feels very helpful in understanding my problems/reason to part of my suffering. I feel I have grown during the course so far – and or moving in a better direction.


I’m knowing myself better which allows me to connect in a more authentic way. I am also recognizing the attachment styles better in people I interact with and hammering out what I am really seeking in a relationship. I didn’t realize how important unconditional exploration and expression was for me until this class.


I'm smiling as I note and appreciate the palpable shifts that have settled into my system as a result of the meditations.