Once a week we host an hour-long guided meditation. Its free to join and anybody is welcome.

Each session consists of a brief lecture, a guided meditation on an attachment theme, and a brief Q&A.

Listen to recordings in the Guided Meditation Library.

Fridays at 8:00 am ET

Date Insight Timer Link Zoom Link
January 27, 2023 https://insig.ht/JvbjyGsUmwb
February 3, 2023 https://insig.ht/U2rwdDsUmwb
February 10, 2023 https://insig.ht/RhVz06xUmwb
February 17, 2023 https://insig.ht/254aWrC9Qwb
February 24, 2023 https://insig.ht/jCWFCFk6Qwb
March 3, 2023 https://insig.ht/Woi8qbh9Qwb
March 10, 2023 https://insig.ht/b4exM8O9Qwb
March 17, 2023 https://insig.ht/YUGJSMQ9Qwb

In the rare case of cancelling one of the sessions, we will send a notification by email. Sign up to receive those notifications: