Upcoming Online Courses, Workshops & Retreats

Confronting the Inner Critic

Working through internalized criticism

This event has ended, but you can still register to get the recordings.

One-day Online Meditation Retreat Sunday, 7th Aug 2022

Resolving Grief and Loss

Finding peace with unfinished business through guided meditation and chairwork

This event has started but you are perfectly welcome to join mid-way.

You can attend the remaining live classes and will get access to all of the recordings.

5 Week Online Course 25th Jul - 22nd Aug 2022

Weekly Online Meditation

Every Friday we host a free live guided-meditation class on attachment themes.

Online Book-club

On Fridays we also host a free online book-club.

Awakening-oriented meditation

We also offer meditation oriented towards awakening on CedricReeves.com

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