You have Dismissing Attachment and you want to get to secure.

What do you need to do? What is the road map?

What deficits need to be corrected?

This will be a heavily practice-focused and experientially-oriented course for really doing deep inner work to re-pattern the schemas (felt-sense beliefs & internal-working-model of attachment) that make up the building blocks of Dismissing-Avoidant Attachment.

You will be placed into a “Practice Pod” of three to five members to meet once a week and support each other’s practice.  Participation in the pod is encouraged, but voluntary.

This course will have practices for:

  • Confronting guilt-inducing parental voices
  • Re-patterning the following schemas:
    • Self-sacrifice schema
    • Subjugation schema
    • Enmeshment / Underdeveloped self schema
    • Incompetence and dependence schema (hopelessness / helplessness)
    • Vulnerability to harm and illness schema
    • Unrelenting standards schema
    • Negativity / Pessimism schema
    • Failure schema
    • Abandonment
    • Shame and defectiveness
  • Working on the Schema Modes
  • Healthy-self development and building a healthy individuated self
    • learn that what you want matters
    • learn healthy boundary setting skills and assertiveness training
    • exploration development
  • Development of the meta-cognitive and mentalization skills that are lacking in Dismissing Attachment
  • Differentiating guilt and compassion
  • Differentiating between acceptance and resignation

Please note: What is on offer here is meditation coaching, not psychotherapy or counseling.