How to Work through the Schemas – Step by Step

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Here is a brief guide on how to work through the Schemas.

  1. Identify which Schemas you have. A reliable way to get insight on this is to take the Schema Inventory.
  2. Pick the particular Schema that you want to work on.
  3. Activate the Schema and come into the mental state by bringing up auditory thoughts, image thoughts and body sensations and emotions that are associated with the Schema.
  4. Then drop into your inner child and you allow for either a real memory (episodic memory) from childhood to come up that triggers you in that same way, or create a composite/felt-sense memory (semantic memory) of the kind of situation that could have happened that would have triggered you in that way. Working on either type of memory is fine. What matters is the repatterning of semantic memory. Episodic memory contains semantic memory.
  5. Have imaginal Perfect Nurturers respond to your distress and give you encouragement and soothing until you work it through.
  6. Wash, rinse, repeat, until all the emotional activation of the Schema is gone.

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