Notes on How to Work with Healing Deeply Rooted Fear

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  • Post published:September 14, 2022
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In cases where fear is persistently stonger than seems “reasonable”, the Mistrust and Abuse Schema is often quite strong, and so it’s important to prioritize working on it early in the healing process.

  • If doing a confrontation scene, focus on protection and safety.
  • The Perfect Nurturers back you up, give you power and moral authority

The material in the “Working through Disorganized Attachment” course is very relevant, in particular the guided meditations.

The Conference Room Technique can also be very helpful for working with this type of material.

When doing this type of inner work it is normal to feel resistance and objections coming up. So have the Perfect Nurturers validate the resistance, they address it and work with you and the objections, in exactly whatever way suits you the most. As a general principle, the Perfect Nurturers always validate you and help you with whatever situation, or resistance/objection to a situation, comes up in the meditation.


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