30 May 2021
Half-day Online Meditation Workshop
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A means for healing internal splits

Half-day Online Meditation Workshop
  • Date: Sunday, 30 May 2021
  • Instructor: Cedric Reeves
  • Cost: Sliding scale

Many of us struggle with the same problems year in and year out. We are driven to repeat the same old mistakes, living out the old dysfunctional patterns from childhood - often in spite of years of meditation and therapy.

In this workshop we will be using the Memory Repatterning Meditation technique with the focus on forgiveness of self and other. Through these guided forgiveness meditations we will heal the inner schisms and splits of our psyches and move towards wholeness, ease, integration and 'conformity with the ways things are'.


  • Half-day Online Meditation Workshop: 3 sessions of 60 minutes each.
  • Live online sessions: The live sessions will be hosted on Zoom. An email with the zoom links will be sent to you after you have registered.
  • Q&A: There will be opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A section.

Attendance & Recordings

  • View at your own pace: The event will be recorded and sent out to registered participants for viewing on your own schedule.
  • Partial attendance is fine - however you get best results if you attend all sessions.
  • Late Starts: You can join even after it has started, and you will get access to all the recordings.

Event Date & Time

This workshop will run twice in order to be accessible to people in different time zones. The content is exactly the same. You will get the access details for both after signing up.

30 May 2021

Workshop Schedule

There will be 3 sessions of 60 minutes each, for 4 hours total.

10 mins Lecture
40 mins Guided Meditation
5 mins Q&A

Workshop Overview

There will be a few brief lectures on forgiveness, and Q&A. However, the focus of the workshop will be experiential. We will spend 50% to 65% on forgiveness meditations and exercises.

During the exercises, we’ll focus on both processing and forgiving others and ourselves. We’ll develop and deepen compassion towards self and other. Importantly, we’ll give ourselves full permission to feel our suffering, validating any difficult emotions. We’ll also engage in perspective taking exercises which will help us release ourselves from blame and release others from blame when we are ready to do so – never rushing the process! Moreover, we’ll see how that which we reject in others we tend to reject in ourselves and we’ll work towards healing this psychic-split.

The material on this course has been influenced by Bruce Ecker’s book “Unlocking the Emotional Brain”: “Neuroscience research since 2004 has shown that the brain has a key to locked synapses: a type of neuro-plasticity known as memory reconsolidation, which, when launched by a certain series of experiences, actually unlocks the synapses of a target emotional learning, allowing it to be not merely overridden but actually nullified and deleted by new learning.

I hope that we’ll develop a sense of community in the workshop. As part of signing up you’ll be invited to the Attachment Repair Slack Group.

We will send out recordings to everyone who signs up. But it is highly recommended to attend live because we will be pairing up participants to do dyad-work.

Miscellaneous Notes

There will be time for Q&A and spot coaching.

We will be doing deep work. For that reason please feel free to take a break at any point.


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Please note: This program is offered for educational purposes only and is not group-therapy, counselling or any kind of other psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for the aforementioned. Cedric Reeves the instructor is a meditation teacher, not a psychotherapist, counsellor, or otherwise therapist.