Schema Mode Diagrams of the Coping Styles

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This is Jessica O’Garr’s Schema Mode Process Diagram.  It’s a visual for helping to understand Schema Therapy as a whole and the coping modes particularly. I modified it a bit.

Below is a similar Schema Mode Model which Amir Askari and I collaborated on.  The primary addition to this graphic is Askari’s three new coping styles and subordinate coping modes. Amir introduces these new coping styles in his 2021 book: New Concepts of Schema Therapy: (The 6 Coping Styles).

schema mode process diagram updated

If you are interested in working through your modes consider trying one of these free “Mentalizing the Modes” Meditations”.

If you are interested in a whole course on working through your modes and the schemas the underlie them consider this course on Understanding and Healing Our Parts.

Working through Resignation, Avoidance and Overcompensation Parts

In this course we work on the avoidance, overcompensation and surrender modes of Schema Therapy. We take the view (pro-symptom position) of our Modes (drawing from Coherence Therapy) thereby we see how our problematic behaviours are unintended and natural consequences of unconsciously held beliefs, usually rooted in early childhood (the Schemas).

We end each meditation with an emotionally-corrective experience that moves us towards doing emotional memory reconsolidation on the underlying schema.

An Experiential Guided Meditation Course for Healing the Modes and Their Underlying Root Schemas.

November 30th, 2022
    Useful for:
  • Dating Issues
  • Metacognition
  • Social Anxiety
  • General Anxiety
  • Integration and Parts
  • Addiction / Substance Abuse
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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  1. Noe

    Awesome diagrams!! I didn’t know the Preocuppied Fawner Mode, can you give me an example of it?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cedric Reeves

      Yeah, I made up the mode, it’s the mode of fawning in a really ‘busy’ way over the mental states of the other.

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